Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I integrate my website with Greip?
Please visit our documentation for more information about the integration process.
Q: Are you GDPR compliant?
We take data protection seriously and are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which sets out strict guidelines for the processing, storage, and protection of personal data. Our privacy policy outlines our commitment to safeguarding your personal information and explains how we collect, use, and share your data. Additionally, we regularly review and update our data protection policies and procedures to ensure that we remain compliant with all relevant regulations.
Q: How often do you update your database?
At Greip, we're committed to providing our users with up-to-date information, which is why we're constantly updating our databases. Our team of experienced data analysts regularly monitors and verifies the information we store to ensure its accuracy and completeness. We understand that timely updates are essential, which is why we aim to make changes within 24 hours of receiving new information.

In addition to our databases, we also rely on cutting-edge AI technologies for data collection and powering some of our features. Our AI models are trained on vast amounts of data to collect, clean and validate data from multiple resources. This allows us to provide a seamless user experience while delivering highly accurate and useful information.
Q: Do you offer a downloadable database?
Currently, we don't offer a downloadable database. The only way to get the data is by using our API.
Q: Do you offer a free trial?
You don't need a free trial. You can always use our "Free" plan for both development and production environment.
Q: Can I use your Free plan for commercial use?
Yes, you can always use our Free & Paid plans for both personal and commercial purposes. But, there're some conditions you may take into consideration, please take a look at our Terms & Conditions.
Q: Can I cancel my subscription any time?
Yes, you can cancel it anytime with a refud of the remaining requests, please read our Cancellation Policy.
Q: Do you have a daily limit?
No, we don't have a daily limit. You can send any number of requests to the API until you use your all remaining requests of your plan.
Q: Can I set access restrictions to my API Key?
Yes, you can restrict access to your API Key by whitelisting the host name of the query sender (Domain name or Server IP Address), please check out our documentation page to know more about Protecting your API Key.
Q: Do you offer usage analytics of this service?
Certainly! You can find a range of insightful usage analytics in the Greip dashboard. Explore features such as Weekly Usage Comparison, Top Used Methods, Rush Hours, and Requests History. These analytics provide valuable insights into your service usage patterns, the most frequently utilized methods, peak activity periods, and a detailed history of requests. Whether you're on our free plan or a paid subscription, these analytics tools empower you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your fraud prevention strategies. Harness the power of usage analytics in the Greip dashboard to drive informed actions and enhance the effectiveness of your fraud prevention efforts.

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