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What is an AS Number (ASN)?

An Autonomous System Number (ASN) is a unique identifier assigned to a network operator that uses Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for routing internet traffic. ASNs play a crucial role in the internet's architecture by enabling communication between different networks.

What is the ASN Lookup Tool?

The ASN Lookup Tool is a service that allows you to look up ASNs. This tool can be used to obtain information about the network operator of a given AS Number.

Protecting Against Fraud with ASN Lookup APIs

The ASN Lookup Tool can also be used to protect against online fraud by providing valuable information about the networks and organizations responsible for a particular IP address or domain name.

For example, businesses can use ASN Lookup APIs to identify and block traffic from suspicious or fraudulent networks, protecting their customers from potential scams or phishing attacks. Similarly, financial institutions can use ASN Lookup APIs to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions originating from known high-risk networks.

By leveraging the information provided by ASN Lookup APIs, organizations can strengthen their security posture and protect their users from a wide range of online threats

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